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At Genesis Impact, we believe that the child is the center and heart of the community.
However, a “Happy child”
is reliant on
1. A Happy Home
2. An Education
3. Community
4. and Future.
We use the “Happy Child” model to deliver holistic services to the communities we interact with.
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The home is the suite for primary socialisation and is the foundation that influences how children will perform in school, interact with their community and is the launch pad for their futures. It has been said that “Happy Parents = Happy Children”. Parents cannot give what they do not have, we support them to fulfill their duties and be happy.

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Teachers build on the foundation parents lay. Teachers are the next port of call to guide children towards the future they deserve. We work with teachers to make sure that the bricks they lay stay and act as intermediaries when there are issues with a child’s foundation.

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Genesis Impact takes an “every parent” approach. We, as the community, raise children. As model citizens the community we create shapes our children, and they go on to shape the community. We assure that this feedback mechanism is healthy and all members of the community play a participatory role to support parents, schools and children.

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We are advocates of sustainability and a secure future ensures that a Happy Child becomes a Happy Teenager, Adult, Parent, and Citizen. We provide training and opportunities for the children we have engaged with to step into their shoes as future leaders.

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