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Raising Boys 

Recently, we have been approached by the school to initiate training on Raising Boys.This course is desig-ned to help parents understand their son’s development. It builds their confidence and equips them withunique strategies to manage their son’s behaviour.The school refers families, whose sons are presentingissues such as fighting, lack of concentration, lack of safety awareness- spacial awareness, poor social skills and immaturity. So far ten families have been referred, five from 1 class (Hobbies 3).The parents that havebeen trained have given very positive feedback to the team.The parents will continue to be monitored and the class teacher will report on the children’s social and behavioral progress.​

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Lesley Chaopman,

Head of School at 

Morden Mount Primary School

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It's wonderful to see the positive, life-changing impact the practical parenting classes has had for our parents. Every term there's a new, diverse mix of parents who always end up getting on really with each other and forming a supportive network.

Our CEO, Foluke Akingbolagun, continues to serve as a governor in two schools. This
enables us to remain updated on the standards of excellence required in the schooling system and support our schools in achieving their goals.

Promoting learning and importance of play, tailoring programs to meet the needs of schools and families

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Bible Club

The team strives hard in ensuring that lessons are delivered in a fun, interactive, creative and engaging way that allows the children to learn the message of Christ in a way that will positively impact their lives. The clubs are continually over-subscribed however Genesis Impact, along with the schools, makes every effort to provide an opportunity for as many children as possible to attend. The primary goal of the club is to build a ‘Godly Character’.We seek to help every child uncover their talents, love themselves and one another and have a true understanding of what it means to be a shining light to the world.We use Bible Stories and Parables to support these messages.​


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