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Practical Parenting


This programme is designed and adapted to meet the needs of families and school settings. It empowers parents to use positive behavior strategies to build relationships, manage their children’s behavior and provide activities that improve awareness an identity.

We work closely with the school’s leadership to ensure that the courses offered best-fit parents’ needs.


Circle of Parents

(Soft & Enterprise skills)

COP is targeted at parents who may not readily engage with the practical parenting programme, sessions are delivered in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. COP also serves as a focal point for signposting parents to the practical parenting programme once trust is established. The main aim of the group is to empower parents to develop life skills and knowledge, make positive choices and promote cohesion in schools and the wider community. We offer opportunities for parents to learn new skills, boost their self-esteem and improve their social interaction with each other. The sessions also enable parents to build a positive relationship with their children and explore options for family bonding.


Family Support

This service provides a platform for the voices of parents and children to be heard, so that problem areas can be identified and a tailored strategic plan of action created. Families are those coming off Interventions and have been referred by the school. Practitioners help parents/carers support their children by developing their own skills and empowering them to develop parental confidence.

The support given is intensive and on-going till desired outcomes are achieved. They also provide emotional support to families who are experiencing relationship tensions. This will encourage and assist the child (ren) to improve on their behavior in the home and school. A key component of this intensive support is to signpost to expert agencies to deal with issues such as debt, welfare, unemployment, housing and domestic violence, which are on the increase in the UK.


My name is Abigail. 
Being a single mum, and also coming from a poor background, my parenting values were very poor. I didn’t understand what parenting children can be like, I struggled every day. Sometimes it made me cry... I lost myself-confidence, I was not able to speak about the issues.

I joined a course called ‘Promoting learning’. It is a course that combined parenting and tips on how to help your children learn. It has taught me a lot. Importance of play with the children helped me grow, play, listen, look, read, talk, laugh. All this helped me a lot to be creative with the children, and brought back ‘healthy lifestyle’ to us.

My parenting values became better every time I came to the course, and they are very good now. I regained my self-confidence back, I was able to change things around. To be honest, it is one of the best things that happened to me this year. To top it all, we were given certificates for the course. It really encouraged me, and I will be attending more courses. This is an encouragement for anybody like ‘Abigail’.You can come from any background and still be the best at supporting your children, enhancing them in everyday skills. Your own development counts towards your own children social skills.


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